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   Wellington's Way January 2014       

My views on the Queensland Government?s new Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) legislation.

First let me say I believe if you commit a crime you should face the full force of the law ? no question.  But I also believe everyone should be equal before the law, and Courts should be able to impose reasonable bail conditions until the charges have been tested in a Court.

Under these new VLAD laws you are guilty until proven innocent and can be thrown in jail, with solitary confinement, without access to reasonable bail conditions.

The glaring example of the injustice of these laws is that people charged with murder or other serious crimes do not face mandatory solitary confinement until the charges against them are heard, and they have access to reasonable bail conditions. 

The Law Society, Tony Fitzgerald and other eminent Australians have all condemned these laws.


Queensland?s Women and Children let down by Attorney?s Pride and Haste

The release from jail of Robert John Fardon is another example of why I believe there needs to be a Cabinet reshuffle and why the Attorney General has to go.

On the morning of October 16 2013, the Attorney General introduced legislation that he claimed was ?another mechanism by which the children and people of Queensland will be protected.? He declared the Bill urgent and insisted in be rushed through Parliament.

I objected to the Bill being rushed through, as there was no time allowed for proper scrutiny of the Bill or for independent legal advice to be sought.   Late last year the Queensland Court of Appeal ruled that this new legislation was not valid.  As a result of the Attorney General?s haste and pride, we now see this serious, serial sex offender released from jail.

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